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SOFA Chicago 2009
Continuing at Lacoste Gallery

Nov. 14, 2009 - Nov. 28, 2009



1929 - 2014

“MY ART has always come out of need. Not everyone may like what I do, but I can only make what I feel in my heart. You have to have courage to put out what you know to be truth.

I enjoy art that has something to say, or questions to ask. I enjoy knowing I am the sum of all that has gone before. Through art, I am able to make the intangible tangible, release my subconscious and give physical reality to emotional conditions.

When I work, I am a loner. I can’t have anyone in the studio. It’s a very personal and private place. I am pretending in there. But I’m never lonely, and I love involvement with people. That’s why I do workshops.”

- Don Reitz
Don Reitz (1929 - 2014)

Freeform Platter
6 x 21 in.  
woodfired, stoneware