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Pots with Purpose
November 18 - December 8, 2006



"Making pottery is a way for me to ask questions of form, surface, domestic space, the body and utility. As a studio potter I can explore these ideas over time, with the consistent, steady output of work required by a self-supporting artist."
Functional pottery is unique in its intimacy as a means of aesthetic experience. What other artwork do you bring to your lips and slide your tongue across?Pots fold into our everyday lives, with this unassuming complexity that makes it welcome where more stubborn, intellectual art forms are not.
Sequoia relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1995 and set up a small pottery shop in an abandoned boat shack.He has been a full-time studio potter since 1998.Sequoia exhibits and sells his work at select galleries nationally, and has been featured in Ceramics Monthly, The Studio Potter, Clay Times, as well as in several books on ceramics.Sequoia also teaches workshops at craft centers nationally.
Sequoia Miller

Altered Green Vased w/ Pours