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Vessel and Sculpture
New Artists: Ani Kasten, Heather Mae Erickson, Karen Swyler

August 9 - August 31, 2008

Heather Mae Erickson  
Ani Kasten  

"Investigating the materiality of the clay is the foundation and focal point for all of my sculptural vessels. I create wheel-thrown and hand-built forms in families, and these sculptural groupings explore the meeting point between natural and man-made worlds. The vessels take their influence from plants, water, rocks and clay, as well as from architecture, industry and machinery. The forms integrate both of these sensibilities into a composed landscape, such as a stand of bamboo-like, truncated cylinders, perforated with small windows to look like corroded skyscrapers, or a simple, pure form such as a smooth sphere, marked on its surface with an off-center, wandering imprint, like bird tracks in the sand. The pieces are often truncated, off-center, weathered and perforated, combining natural movement and an apparent state of organic deterioration that invokes the cycle of life, death, decay. They investigate the nature of change, the compiling of memory, and a feeling of profound loss– the recognition of temporal beauty bound inextricably with grief. The pieces are like remnants, a landscape of objects that remain after some kind of significant change, grave markers, or organic matter that has survived a great fire. As creative expressions of form, movement and texture, my work is infused with a modern, minimal aesthetic while at the same time reminding one of a natural or ancient object exposed to the rigors of time. As does nature, my ceramics often incorporate repeated markings and patterns, and explore asymmetry while retaining balance, lightness, and quietude of form."- Ani Kasten Artist available for commissions. Contact Lacoste Gallery for information.

Karen Swyler  

Personal relationships are integral to our survival; they bring meaning to life and satisfy the need for interaction on both an emotional and physical level.In these situations communication is usually verbal; however nuances that arise in the absence of words are even more evocative.These interchanges occur through a touch, a glance, a smell, or a whispered word.They are quiet, subtle, and often transitory. In this work form, surface, line, and color bring attention to delicate and subtle elements of design; they are metaphors for fleeting experiences often not valued until they have passed.Through this work, Karen seeks to create a permanent manifestation of these experiences and convey their emotional significance.

Opening reception August 9, 2008, 3-5 pm