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Beyond the Body: Architectural Ceramics
Curated by Mark Shapiro

April 1 - April 27, 2002

Group Show

Hadi Abbas
Dan Anderson
Bill Griffith
Randy Johnston
Michael Kline
Mark Pharis
Sang Roberson
Tim Rowan
Jane Shellenbarger
Michael Simon
MacKenzie Smith
Mark Shapiro
Sam Taylor
Diana Thomas

"For some time, I have been aware of an emerging genre of clay objects that do not invoke the human body as metaphor, but rather are ispired by buildings and other containers of material life such as boxes, chests, huts, towers, granaries, shelters, and various dwellings. While many pots are anthropomorphic, and are talked about in terms of the body (we are all familiar with the 'foot', 'neck', 'belly', 'shoulder', and so on), the pots in this show tend to elude these terms of analysis. What we have here in these architectural pots is perhaps more about where we are than what we are.

The arists whose works are included are some of the most significan potters in America today. The range of the work and variety of approaches --the concepts, surfaces, forms, textures-- are broad and powerful. From Dan Anderson's Italian Chimney pots to the three cornered boxes inspired by Jane Shellenbarger's childhood treehouse, all of these works show the number of ways that potters are playing with architectural metaphors of place and shelter and enclosure, with all those human structures that organize meaning beyond the body.

--Mark Shapiro, Curator