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Functional Connections
February 23 - March 18, 2002

Group Show

Wayne Branum
Robert Briscoe
Linda Christianson
Randy Johnston
Warren MacKenzie
Jan McKeachie Johnston
Ron Meyers
Mark Pharis
Michael Simon
Sandy Simon

Warren MacKenzie, the "Dean of American Ceramics", joins ten other treasured American studio potters in Functional Connections at Lacoste Gallery from February 23, 2002 through March 18, 2002. This exhibition celebrates the tradition of functional pottery in America, for which MacKenzie is widely considered responsible.

Curated by potter Randy Johnston, Functional Connections includes the work of Johnston himself, Bob Briscoe, Robert Brady, Wayne Branum, Linda Christianson, MacKenzie, Jan McKeachie Johnston, Ron Meyers, Mark Pharis, Michael Simon and Sandy Simon. These potters consider usefulness as an inseparable element in the aesthetics of their pots, which range from shino- to celadon-glazed surfaces, and architectural to anthropomorphic forms. Each pot is intended for daily use, yet also transcends its function and becomes simply a beautiful object. These potters and their pots are essential connections to the tradition of American pottery.