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Gustin, Johnston, Lawton
April 9 - April 28, 2005

Chris Gustin  

Chris Gustin built his first wood kiln as a professor at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth as a way to get his students involved in a group and community activity.Seeing the possibilities for his own surfaces, he turned his work in a new direction, with his forms becoming simpler and larger in scale.Gustin uses the combination of heavy melted ash deposits on glazed surfaces to highlight his often anthropomorphic forms and to convey movement.He is interested in how glaze and ash interface and works with the viscosity of surface, whether fluid or stable, to come up with an aesthetic and vocabulary specific to his work

Randy Johnston  

Randy Johnston is a leading artist and educator. He studied with Warren MacKenzie at the University of Minnesota and has exhibited with MacKenzie and Tatsuzo Shimaoka. Johnston's work has grown out of traditional ceramics to become a sculptural art form. Rope textures and richly fired slip surfaces intricately detail his arresting forms. He draws inspiration from Cycladic and Minoan pottery, as well as Eastern Mediterranean and Egyptian art.

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