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March 12, 2016 - April 2, 2016

Anne Currier  Resume

Anamorphosis is a term that resides in the natural sciences.It denotes an evolution of one organism into another through a series of gradual changes.Anne Currier, reflecting on issues of stasis and change in her studio practice, has chosen this word for her new collection of sculpture.It is an apt title. In her recent work, Anne Currier conjures up the formal dynamics and structural components of the painter Juan Gris. Currier was inspired by Gris’ manipulation of shape and light across the canvas.Appropriating some forms and inventing others, the sculptor builds out a Cubist world through a series of oblique planes and spatial envelopes. Each work displays the artist’s modeled geometry and enfolded volume that eludes easy association. This geometric topology is her signature; recent work adds the interplay of idiosyncratic form.In Anamorphosis, the artist creates with great verve.We see her wit and sophistication in such work as Diptych-Rust (2016)(last 2 images shown right).Here, the two-part sculpture spreads laterally outward.The work is a massing of conic structures that are cut longitudinally and stacked on top of each other.Severed cylinders, curved profiles, and sharp angles elbow each other for our attention.This jostling of shapes is coupled with unexpected surface cavities---dip, trough, hollow--that equally delight our eye. And Currier’s passion for eccentric form—like Gris’—is coupled with fastidious construction. Gris left little to chance in his process; similarly, Currier’s discerning hand is evident in the cutting, piecing, nestling, and assembling of each component.As in Gris’ still life paintings, Currier’s sculptures reflect visual complexity and skilled craftsmanship. Mary Drach McInnes

A new body of work drawing
from Cubist still life paintings
and winter hues of Allegany County NY