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Basic Black
A Collaboration between Lacoste Gallery and Concord Art Association

March 5 - April 3, 2015



I make sculpture that explores the transformative potential at the intersection of physical material and digital media. My background in ceramics gives me an aesthetic based in raw materiality, however I am also fascinated with the potential of new media to add motion and different kinds of interactivity to what is usually a static form of expression. This investigation has taken a variety of forms which often combines sculptural elements with digital video projections. In all of these works, I am taking something I consider ordinary, something that is not particularly noteworthy or interesting, and transforming it into a visual spectacle using the filmic illusion of animation.This act draws attention not only to the way we place value on certain objects or experiences over others, but also considers our visual interpretation of reality itself.

Materiality of Light #7

Materiality of Light #8

Declivity #2
Colby Parsons

58 x 30 x 45 in.  
glazed stoneware with projected video loop