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Core Connection: Korean Ceramics
SooJong Ree, Jung Do Lee, Inchin Lee, KangHyo Lee, SungJae Choi, Sunkoo Yuh

October 17 - November 7, 2015



I have always seen how most artists, despite of all the different fields, suffer from this obsessive conception that they need to create something new. I can’t be exempt from this reality since I am one of those artists.
I believe this kind of obsessive idea about creation first comes from the discord with one’s ego. Now I am trying to be free myself from this conflict with my “self”. This probably begins by realizing once again the need to be truly honest to oneself.
My works are simply as they seem. It is rare that the result of my works would require another explanation for them because these apparent outcomes are easy for anyone to comprehend. My work is a continuing process of pursuing the complete beauty from simple and elegant appearance.
Nowadays, there are many genres in works of soil. The fact that the number of hard-working ceramists is increasing in these different genres makes me feel satisfied because I feel like they are becoming firm supporters of the developments in ceramic arts. I, too, feel a huge pleasure to be a part of this new journey in Canada and with to be remembered as a ceramist that lived a refreshing like with soil.