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Core Connection: Korean Ceramics
SooJong Ree, Jung Do Lee, Inchin Lee, KangHyo Lee, SungJae Choi, Sunkoo Yuh

October 17 - November 7, 2015



Choi Sung Jae’s pots have an immense and haunting presence. They are works of importance in a crowded and often mundane ceramic world. Most of all Sung Jae’s works are what every good ceramic work should be – they are a celebration of clay and glaze. There is no pretense, nor fuss. The drawing is spontaneous, every mark, every nuance is there to be seen, nothing hidden just as in the Ongii jars I mentioned at the beginning of this piece. The words I used earlier now seem to bear a familiar resonance…‘Glaze and clay caught in a frozen moment of time. A few intense yet measured seconds forever recorded…’
It is probably a cliché but nevertheless true, that Choi Sung Jae’s works are imbued with a timeless quality. They are as much of today as any ceramic can be, yet they carry with them a nation’s ceramic heritage in contemporary expression.

- Phil Rogers
Rhayader, Wales