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In Tribute to William Hull
1920 - 2013

February 2 - February 26, 2014

Hull Collection   

William Hull was the founding director of the Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University, which now has the finest collection of European ceramics of any educational institution in the United States. In 1981-82, he curated the seminal exhibition, Danish Ceramic Design for Penn State, which was the first exhibition in America devoted to contemporary Danish ceramics. This landmark exhibit exposed many U.S. enthusiasts to the sophisticated design and craftsmanship coming out of Denmark and at the same time provided opportunities for Danish artists to exhibit and sell in the United States. It also served as the impetus for starting his collection. Mr. Hull is highly regarded for his contribution and support to the world of Danish ceramics and his cultivated eye has made him a recognized connoisseur of ceramics for over 30 years.

Lacoste Gallery will be exhibiting works from the William Hull Collection and inspired by it.