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Paul Scott Lecture
Horizon - Landscapes, Ceramics and Prints

Oct 21, 2013

Paul Scott  

Paul Scott lives and works in rural Cumbria, England, and is known for industrially produced blue and white ware, to which he adds imagery or erases parts of it to give a political meaning. While using the appealing traditional blue and white, he disarms us with his contemporary message as in “Hartlepool Ghost Ships, Canisteo”. Paul Scott has undertaken a series of wood firings of which these Soda and salt-glazed, wood fired trees are the result. Here Scott combines the graphic quality of his work with the effects of these atmospheric firings.

Tonight at Harvard, Paul Scott will be discussing his most recent exhibition Horizon--Landscapes, Ceramics and Prints, tracing the journey of landscapes, images and patterns through differing media to their realization on the blue, black, pink, white tableware of The National Museum's Decorative Arts Collection.

Presented by Harvard Ceramics, the lecture will begin at 5 PM at the Ceramics Studio, 224 Western Ave, Allston.

To view more of Scott's work, please visit our gallery!