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March 23 - April 14, 2013

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Koichiro Isezaki  

Updated 9/21/15

Join us in celebrating with
Sake and Champagne,
Saturday April 13,
2:00 to 5:00pm

One thing that has been on my mind since i started my life with pottery is that I dig the earth, shape it, and fire it by wood. Material chooses technique, technique chooses material. I believe that means potential, not a boundary. - Koichiro Isezaki

Koichiro Isezaki is the son of Living National Treasure Jun Isezaki and is the rising star of the Isezaki family which included his grandfather Yozan Isezaki, one of the first generation of great Bizen potters in the 20th century. Koichiro Isezaki studied at Tokyo Sculptural University and then apprenticed with the Jeff Shapiro, who had been mentored by Jun Isezaki.