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With the blue/white tradition running through the work as the only constant thread, these artists play with historical conventions and radical commentary.

February 9 - March 10, 2013



I combined a traditional Once Fire technique from Jingdezhen and employed the hand painted fine line cobalt painting style (Gong Bi Qing Hua) that flourished in the Ming Dynasty of China. I often use digital decal printing on clay to form juxtapositions in my work. The decal printing allows me to produce homemade images and patterns, using a computer that can be transferred onto the glazed ceramic work.The decals are made permanent by refiring the artwork.Aesthetically, this method forms a strong red and blue color contrast. Conceptually, combining old and new means to create art is another way for me to negotiate the shift and change between technology and hand tools such as the brush.
Sin-Ying Ho

Walmart, KFC
16 x 10 in.  
porcelain, hand painted cobalt pigment, computer decal transter, terra sigillata

Confucian, Jesus Christ, and John Lennon Series no. 2, Confluece
16 x 9 in.  
porcelain, high fire reduction, hand painted cobalt pigment, computer decal transfer, luster