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Danish Clay

March 10, Opening Reception for Artist 3 to 5:30 - April 7, 2012
Exhibition Conversation March 11, 2:00 pm

Barbro Åberg  

Barbro Åberg is inspired by nature and science as well as light which filter through her pieces. The rugged seacoast of Sweden, where Åberg was born, also influences her work. According to Wendy Tarlow Kaplan co-curator of From the Kilns of Denmark; “Creating pieces on a human scale, Åberg consistently built forms that connect to landscape, structures in nature, and scientific discovery. She has a strong sense of architectural integrity in all that she attempts like molecular diagrams or tracery of stained glass windows, which give solid ground to her work.

Åberg opens up the vessel, the traditional Danish form, and invites light and air into it. Her usual choice of black and white surface treatment gives dramatic contrast and counterpoint.”

Hans Vangsø  

Edited: October 18 2016 Hans Vangsø works within a Scandinavian tradition of bold simplicity. The very much alive surfaces of his pieces are obtained in firing methods developed over years and years, as each piece is fired several times in a gas kiln with salt, seaweed, and metals. The combination of great simplicity in form and rich texture in glazes, and above all, the total melting of glaze and body render his work unique.

Last Chance This Saturday April 7.

Spring Celebration
and Food
April 7, 2012
3:00 to 5:00 Pm