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Ronnie Gould
Animal Attitudes

February 11 - March 5, 2012

Ronnie Gould  

Updated 11/30/2017 I have always been passionate about animals. Every animal has its own unique movements, expressions, and personality. My goal is to capture and highlight these traits. Each sculpture is individually hand-built in stoneware. I use various types of firings, including raku, smoke, and saggar. There is always the element of surprise when firing, because the flame and smoke cannot be completely controlled. Just as animals have their own personalities, these firing processes add unique characteristics to the sculptures.

Ronnie Gould has an eye for animals; they become more than just sculptures they have personality and soul.

"Each creature emerges through my interaction with its face and gesture as I sculpt. I love the conversation between my hands and the clay during this process, where each sculpture takes on a life of it's own" Ronnie Gould