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The Figure has Soul
currated by Anne Wollman

October 14 - November 13, 2011

Group Show

Robert Brady
Lisa Clague
Cristina Cordova
Thaddeus Erdahl
Debra Fritts
Arthur Gonzalez
Pamela Ernshaw Kelly
Anne Drew Potter
Kelly Garret Rathbone
Hirotsune Tashima
Janis Mars Wunderlich
Sunkoo Yuh

"The Figure Has Soul questions whether in animate objects of clay and wood can project emotions. Figurative art relates closely to what we see in ourselves and projects that in whatever medium it takes form.
Whether we see soul or a spirit within, we are drawn to it as a tangible mirror of self.

In each figure, no matter what medium, there is a narrative which captures our imagination and makes us contemplate our thoughts about life, politics and social issues. This truth reveals the power of the figure and why this exhibit is so compelling, intriguing and just plan fun."
- Anne Wollman