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October 15 - November 10

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This is an exhibition on an innovative period in the artist’s life brought about by a new studio and different clay bodies. This body of work and period of time represent rejuvenation, akin to a fresh vehicle for art and self-expression.

Tim Rowan typifies the generation of ceramic artists who have a deep understanding of ceramic making traditions, yet is constantly transforming and seeking new ways of expression through the clay medium. As a mid-career artist, Rowan has a profound maturity in his approach in life and art. He is concerned with the overly stimulated ’social media’ generation hence seeks a contemplative visual aesthetic with thought and substance.

Rowan’s life and work have been consistently informed by his apprenticeship with the inventive Japanese master Ryuichi Kakurezaki. Like Kakurezaki, he is known to speak in his own artistic language. None is more evident than in his new sculptures and vessels where his own contemporary style and forms really shine through.