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Mark Pharis

Mark Pharis’s work provokes discussions of form, meaning, process and function. The bowl, teapot or vase is not merely a canvas for decoration in his work, but possesses a strong formal identity and presence—one that stimulates and provokes the viewer to engage with the work of art from all sides.

See June 2010 article in Ceramics Art and Perception #80: Mixed Metaphors:Mark Pharis at Lacoste Gallery, page 7, written by Rosti Eismont.
Mark Pharis - Untitled Plater w/ Red Green and Black Mark Pharis - Large Platter w/ Red, Black and Green Mark Pharis - Untitled Platter w/ Tan, Black and Yellow
Mark Pharis - Oval Platter, black/red/white Mark Pharis - Oval Platter, white/black/pink Mark Pharis - Oval Platter, white/black/pink
Mark Pharis - Set of Four Vases Mark Pharis - Octagonal Vase white Mark Pharis - Small Plates (12), white,black, yellow
Mark Pharis - Green and Yellow Platter