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Nathan Prouty

[hi-jahy-ruh, hej-er-uh]-.n
1. The flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in AD 622.
2. Any flight or journey to a more desirable or congenial place, often because of threat or danger.

The six works in this exhibition take their starting points and titles from Joni Mitchell's 1976 album Hejira. Widely considered to be a masterpiece, Hejira delves deeply into themes of love, loss, restlessness and progress, revealing new layers and profound meaning upon each successive listening. The emotional and spiritual honesty of Mitchell's musicality and poetry speak to me in ways that are deeply raw and personal.

The concept of hejira, loaded with all the necessity and trauma of progress, and the freeing potential that possibly (but not always) comes with the realities of the future, is the subject these works. While this body continues my explorations of the alluring power of surface and color, Deuces + Dunces marks a new shift in the work's focus, shining a narrower spotlight on a more somber set of objects. Rather than playful assemblage, viewers are greeted by a single 'character' on a stage. A simple yet reflectively glittery horizon/frame creates a landscape within which an object is suspended in space, time, emotion and reference.

Using the language of comedy, display and absurdity, I am attempting to provide points of inflection by way of reflection. In this brief moment of reflective awareness - during the act of moving away from or coming towards something- a duality quickly emerges. Are these works in a state of suspended animation?Or are they (and you) moving towards....something?

Nathan Prouty - Blue Motel Room (Yussioosi) Nathan Prouty - Hejira (Plinky) Nathan Prouty - Hejira (Plinky), detail
Nathan Prouty - Coyote (Gumbell) Nathan Prouty - Amelia (Canyoner) Nathan Prouty - A Strange Boy (Wheelio)
Nathan Prouty - Black Crow (Teefitoo) Nathan Prouty - Hejira: Blue Motel Room IV Nathan Prouty - sketch