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Josephine Burr

As an artist I am interested in probing the space between tangible and spiritual worlds, exploring how the temporality of experience can be distilled into visible, tactile form. The objects I create are markers for the invisibilia that underlie our experience of the world: the shifting terrain of memory, faith and relationship.For me, the process of making is an act of listening, of attending fully to the present moment and to that uncertain territory at the edge of perception.The finished work becomes a point of entry within which to linger and contemplate this fluid space.

The interplay between surface imagery and 3-dimensional form is an important and consistent element of my work.The ceramic medium offers both a malleable material for “drawing” form in space, and a surface on which line, color and light can be manipulated.I explore imagery across these planes, using ceramic processes and mixed media materials to create layered, fresco-like drawings on clay panels, and using the clay itself to explore line, form and pure color in space.A body of work becomes a conversation between object and image, drawing attention to the fluid nature of perception and recognition.

Josephine Burr - <em>White Knot (2)</em> Josephine Burr - <em>Large White Knot</em> Josephine Burr - Spreading (Gray Net Structure)
Josephine Burr - Yellow Knot with Drips Josephine Burr - In the space between us (Orange Crystalline Structure)