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Robert Briscoe

"My pots must function, and equally important, they must be beautiful." - Bob Briscoe

He applies glaze on glaze in an intentionally painterly way to delineate forms. Briscoe's pots exude their clay beginnings, clay that has been obviously formed and transformed by hands and fire. The surfaces of his forms are robust and earthy, quietly connecting himself to the viewer.

Robert  Briscoe - Lidded Jars Robert  Briscoe - White Noodle Bowl w/Line Robert  Briscoe - Black Jar w/Circles
Robert  Briscoe - Large Gold Jar w/Ash Robert  Briscoe - Black Lidded Jar w/Markings Robert  Briscoe - Gold Low Oval Vase
Robert  Briscoe - White Jar w/Horizontal Bands Robert  Briscoe - Large Gold Ginger Jar Robert  Briscoe - White Vase w/Swirls
Robert  Briscoe - Gold Jar w/Ash

Selected Group Exhibitions
“MacKenzie and Briscoe”. Lacoste Gallery, Concorde, MA 2016
"Flower City Pottery Invitational, Rochester NY, 2015, 2016
“Functional Ceramics 2015”  Wayne Center for the Arts, Wooster, OH.  2015
“Walter Gropius Master Artist Series exhibition” Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington,
"Pottery on the Hill"  Hill Center, Washington DC,  2012,2013,2014, 2015, 2016
“Robert Briscoe Pots  and Wayne Torborg Photographs” Raymond Avenue Gallery, St Paul, MN 2014
"Quiet"  Cambridge Center for the Arts, Cambridge, MN 2014
"Minnesota to Massachucetts", LaCoste Gallerry, Concord, MA 2013
"The Cup" Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orkleans, La - 2012, 2013, 2014
"St Croix Valley Potters Tour" Minnesota - 1992-2016
"Sharing the Fire"  Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN - 2012
"Yunomi invitational" Akar Gallery, Iowa City, IA - 2012
“Salt of the Earth”,  Trax, Berkeley, CA - 2011  
“Plate it Up”  Mary Lou Zeel Gallery , Salem, OR - 2011
“Robert Briscoe and Karl Borgeson”  AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, IA -  2011
“Earthly Delights”  Robert Briscoe and Geoff Wheeler, Lill Street Gallery,  Chicago, IL - 2011
“Warren & Nancy MacKenzie and Five Midwest Potters” Gallery Gen, New York City - 2011