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Betsy Williams

I grew up in northeast Georgia. My college degree was earned at St. Johnís College Ė the Great Books school.I studied Russian for three years, then worked for five years as a day trader at a Japanese bank in New York City.My bank co-workers introduced me to ceramics.I quit my job in 1994 and moved to Karatsu, Japan and apprenticed with Mr. Yutaka Ohashi until 1999.

When I completed my apprenticeship, I moved back to New Mexico to realize my dream. I bought a rugged piece of land atop a mountain, built a house, a studio, a wood-kiln.

I have been a full-time professional potter since 2001.

Statement on Sake ware:
Sake cups are one of the smallest items a potter makes - smallest in terms of measurable size and weight, that is, but not necessarily in presence.

Unlike the large, grandiose pot that flaunts the sheer technical skill of its maker for all to see, sake ware is tactile, near at hand, personal - belonging to the realm of intimacy. I know of certain sake cups that possess a mysterious intensity that I have almost never encountered in other work. They seem to contain a distilled truth. "Come closer. Savor this," they whisper.

Betsy Williams - Dachibin Sake Server and Guinomi, White Slip Celadon Glaze Betsy Williams - Guinomi, White Slip Celadon Glaze Betsy Williams - Sake Bottle, While Slip Celadon Glaze